Boom! Make a Difference

Buying a home is the American dream, it’s where families are made, memories are made and dreams come to true. It’s where most of us take our first steps, share stories around the dinner table and come together to celebrate holidays. There’s nothing quite like owning your own home and the feeling it gives you, the memories it gives you and the love that happens under that very special roof. At Boomerang we understand how important owning a home is to you but we also wanted to share something with you that’s important to us.

We didn’t start Boomerang to sell you a home. We started it to help you save money and help solve a crisis that was much larger than any of us. People that have no home, children that sleep on the street and families that are torn apart and have nowhere to go. Homelessness is a crisis in the US and we felt it needed a big, powerful new idea… and we think we have one. The numbers are shocking, in the United States there’s 375,896 adults, 141,177 children and 47,725 veterans who are homeless and need help.

Our big, beautiful idea is to use a generous portion of the money generated from real estate transactions to help solve this crisis. We realize it’s a bold undertaking but we have to try! It all starts right here in Arizona and we hope you’ll be inspired by our mission and spread the word. Because, when you use Boomerang to buy or sell a house you’re not only saving money on the roof over your head, your helping to put a roof over someone else’s head who is less fortunate. And, that helps everyone sleep better. BOOM! Join the movement!