About Us

At Boomerang the first thing you’ll notice is our real estate company isn’t about us, it’s about you & it’s about helping those in need. We’re an ambitious group with an ambitious plan to help save you big money on the largest purchase of your life & help stamp out homelessness at the same time! No we’re not crazy, but we may be crazy smart. Like most people we think real estate commissions are way out of whack considering how technology has made it easier to find the home of your dreams. Many buyers feel like they find their house online and just need a real estate agent to put the deal together and handle the paperwork. We agree.

Our lean approach to real estate is very different and it’s designed from the ground up to save you money & help others. The very first thing you’ll notice is that you get “cash back” when you buy a home with Boomerang. We can do this by putting up to 50% of the sales commission we earn back in your pocket, not ours! And, yes it’s 100% legal in 40 states and it’s not only tax free according to the IRS but this practice is also endorsed by the US Department of Justice because it saves you money. At Boomerang, we not only give back to you but we also donate 10% to local charities that help provide homes and shelter to the less fortunate right here in Arizona. It feels good because it is good. Simply put, when you buy or sell a house with Boomerang you’re making a difference. We believe that if you can afford to buy or sell a home you’re doing a whole lot better in life than someone who is sleeping on the street. The statistics don’t lie, in the United States there’s 375,896 adults, 141,177 children and 47,725 veterans who are homeless and need help. Together we’re convinced that our efforts can help put an end to homelessness by generating the money needed to solve this crisis from real estate transactions. BOOM! Join the movement!